3 Personality Trait That I am Proud Of

Honesty this is a hard topic, I don't think I'm good enough to tell you about any trait that I'm proud of. Eumm... I don't even think that I have one..?? 


let me think!

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3 Personality Trait That I am Proud Of

I'm a passionate kid back then, but now... I don't think so. As I get older i realize that everything is not always goes as I want to by just working hard on it. There's a lot of variable(?) that will impact your result. Even when u think u get a good result, not everyone's gonna agree with what u called that "good result", cz people expecting too much or just jealous at you or even simply emotionless don't care. So u just have to keep everything by yourself or just ignoring what people said. But when u decided to keep it by yourself or ignoring it, u felt that saltiness first, cz that "keep it by myself and ignoring it" is part of response to stimulus. Yeah I felt that saltiness and make me kinda lost of passion about what I'm used to love to do. And (now) at the same times I don't even have any other choice except keep going with the things that I started.. just to keep the responsibility (but.... I don't think it works..? Idk...?)

I do realize that I have to do something based on my own needs, not based on what others think. But how is that supposed to work?? We life together which have to communicate and have a social interaction, we linked with each others, which almost impossible to make zero connection. I'm not privileged enough (now) to put my own needs first. Hmm... but honesty even when I do something that I'm unpassionate about, there will always one or two moments that will makes me happy. So yeah.. I'm just being unpassionate, not being unhappy or unsatisfied with my whole life. It...just....morning cortisol.. that sometimes makes.me.want.to.end.my.life...

Oww... this is also part of my (bad) personality trait, I always find something to blame LOL. 

Did I just invalidating my own feelings now??

Okay, back to the main topic, i think I find one


My personality trait that I'm proud of is I like to learn a new things (oww this is sound lame~ lol), but the rules is I decided the topic by my self, I don't like it when someone offer me the topic that I don't have any interest in it. Suddenly I remember one of the memes, comparing "when someone told me to cleaning the house vs when nobody told me to cleaning the house" LOL u know this memes right?

Maybe this is one of the my overthinking effect, I always have something I'm curious about every days and mostly I search and learn about it, openness to experience. This morning I'm curious about my previous post, how is possible to Jin who made by fire to entering jahannam which also full of fire? I found the answer in my father's book. Some weeks ago I also curious about Intermittent Fasting and I'm learn about it for long and practice how that even works on my body, I even download the apps that help tracking my fasting process, I also update with Intermittent fasting expert Dr. Berg on youtube.

I know how to make a digital art and design, I know how to use canva, photoshop, adobe ilustrator, manga studio, and some videos and sounds editing. I have a lot of interest in my religion and I still have a lot of topic list that I will mastering one by one, so I keep study about it. This blog is also one of my learning activities, I learn about how to make a good blog, domain, hosting, SEO, google analytic, google trend, etc... Today I also learn and practicing how shopee affiliate works. I think I always learn a new things everyday, except when I was sick, cz I can't do anything.

Second personality trait that I'm proud about, I'm a sensitive person. I'm good at noticing something at the moment. My five senses is kinda good, like I'm always on alert mode (LOL is this even a good things?). I always be the first one who smell leaking(?) LPG gas on my kitchen, you know when your LPG is gonna run of gas it will somehow leaked (idk about this yet, but my mom said so). I always the first one who noticed and told my parent about this, in case unexpected thing happen with that LPG. 

One rainy day, theres a lot of lil cobra snake entering my house, so we have to killed it one by one and unload our warehouse to clean it. We clean rack of shoes and my grandmother pick up a pair of shoes with his bare hands from my mothers hands after my mothers confirmed that theres no snake inside the shoes. I was standing next to my mother, around 2,5 meters far from my grandmother whos standing near the back door, but then suddenly a lil snake head arise from the shoes that my grandmothers hold when we randomly talk off guard. My eyes notice it and scream as loud as I can to my grandmothers then she throwing that shoes. That was sooooooooooooooo unexpected and nerve-wracking. After that my mothers and my grandmothers compliment me and questioning how could I notice that lil snake arise from small shoes hole even when I standing 2,5 meters far?

I want to tell you that I'm a good at observing face expression too, but how do I proof it? Anyways, If u meet me, I'm the type to look at your eyes when talking and focusing on how's your expression showing. I also observing my idol expression a lot when doing a live, sometimes I can hear what their staff said behind the cameras even with Korean language (I understand basic korean words and conversation) when nobody realize it until I tell them.


Third, eummm............................... I'm a reliable person? oh wait.. maybe not reliable, but I like helping people? Helpful person? I like it when someone looking for me to ask help. I will help and even do more for them if I can.. it just feels nice. It's somehow interesting(?), I hate rely on other people but it feels nice if other people rely on me. Is others people feels the same too when I ask for help? But seriously, I'm rarely asking people to help, i prefer doing everything by myself, independently. eum.. how do u say "gak enakan" in eng? That's how i felt.

I think this is one of my source of happiness, helping people. ((Personal opinion)) I think.... I have many of source(?), diverse ability that can helps people around me? Like... I'm good at using digital things, so when my father or my organization friends asking for a digital art/online promotion, I can help them.. I'm the type of people who can't say "no" so yeah... even if they asking me to do something that I'm not capable of, sometimes I'll just say yes and learn it, cz its easy to access new information these days, so I just have to open the Internet and do it.

Once my fathers ask for how to design our new house, I've randomly(?) learn about house design before so I'll do it for him instead of paying other people to do so (kinda proud of it cz my father really use my design to built our new house xixixi).

Yeah~ That's all my 3 personality trait that I'm proud of!
Thanks for coming peoples! Have a great day! Luv.

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